“Do, a deer, a female deer, Re, a drop of golden sun.”

Music protégé Jacob Collier is taking the music scene by storm with his diverse musical skillset, atypical harmonies, and much more. Photo courtesy of NPR.

Musical Alphabet

Whether it was your mom forcing you to pick up an instrument at an arbitrarily young age to see if she had the next Mozart on her hands or your 4th grade recorder class, you’ve most likely heard of the musical alphabet that is do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti. If your musical knowledge is a bit more extensive, you may already know that Julie Andrews was not being entirely truthful when she said that music was only composed with these seven tones. …

Billie Eilish, a teen pop sensation, commands the bedroom pop sound with grace and ingenuity. Billie Eilish on Facebook

SLURP, I have taken out my Invisalign, and this is the album” is how Billie Eilish kicks off her latest album titled “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go.” Inspired by lucid dreams and night terrors, as the dimly lit and slightly deranged album art suggests, the album undoubtedly makes a splash in the music scene. The combination of soft crooning vocals and springy 808 beats catapulted Eilish into the pop scene as a true artist. …

I’ve been a fan of jigsaw puzzles even before the start of quarantine. Whenever I have large bouts of time on my hand, I love to sit down and wiggle a piece here and there. I thought I’d take this page to talk about some of my favorite puzzles I’ve done.

The Peasant Wedding — Pieter Bruegel the Elder

A box of brown…

Photo by SJ Baren on Unsplash

Dim Sum

“One, two, three. No more. No less. Face up. Even size.” This is how Ayi and I spent our free time on the weekdays when the restaurant was empty — packing metal dim sum trays of shrimp dumplings. She’d reach deep into the kitchen freezer for a weeks’ worth of frozen dumplings, prop the bag with her knee for support before finally clunking it onto the table space where we’d work side by side for the next hour. The trays had little dents and bumps in their lips, a testament to the abuse they had seen over the…

Jamie Xu

Writing about food, music, and tech. Thinking about scallion pancakes.

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